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Please excuse my extreme amounts of 'french' in this post, but I'm fucking outraged.

My last shift was tuesday (day before last) and I was on the kiosk with the usual lass who was on (also named Teri like moi) And APPRENTLY on this day 500 pound went from the til. So yesterday (my day off) Teri was in, she got called the office and told it was 500 down and she thought it was going to be the usual refresher talk they give....But no, instead they have an 'informal chat' and fucking SUSPEND HER. They also ESCORTED her off the premises.

Not knowing any of this I went in to my usual 9-6 shift today, at 4pm Teri came in for a second meeting, as earlier on today she got a phone call saying THE MONEY WASN'T ACTUALLY MISSING IT WAS A MISCOUNT.
She also informed me of all of this when she came in and also that they were planning to SUSPEND ME at the end of my 6 o clock shift this evening.
I was apparently not to know any of this.
So Teri got a further rollocking for informing me.

So she goes into her meeting and they tell her she can return to work,
she got no apology NOTHING, all because the cash office are fucking incompetant, they should fucking suspend them for being so fucking wrong.

I think it is completely outragous that they can just randomly suspend someone without further checks being carried out first and no proof of anything. ARGH.
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