Alexandria (apostlealex) wrote in teamtesco,

I'm baaa-aaack....

Well, i'm back here, and back working for Tesco -_-
Some of you may remember (i swear to god everyone in store does) i left tesco at the start of 2005 and strutted off in a bout of smoke and fire. I had been made to remove my (already minimal) piercings, and then, i started to wear a wig to work. No one said anything until one of the people i worked with saw me out of the store, without my wig on, and with pink hair XD Needless to say, i was told i wasn't allowed to wear a wig to work, and i was "forced to resign" for having pink hair. Feeling pretty bitter by this point, as i had already had problems with some of the employees i worked with before the hair thing (yeah, there was some nastyness where i was working, the Cafe, i know OUCH CAFE BLOWS. And Tesco did NOTHING to help.) So, when i watched the evening news and saw how one guy was being bitched at by Stansted Airport for having too much gel in his hair, i called in, and ended up being on TV for being let go for wearing a wig. Ahaaa, it was amusing. There was something on the radio about it too and a shitload of people called in saying it was dumb that i wasn't allowed to have my hair how i liked.
ANYWAY. My point is - i'm back at Tesco. Andthere is this whole "hostile air" towards me since i came back XD The irony of it is, they have shoved me on customer services. Sometimes i get to go on Kiosk, which isn't too bad, but jesus do i hate customer services x_x
Do any other females with tattoos on here have to cover them for work? Because i do! 0_o I have one on my inner forarm, it's not huge, it's not excessive, but i have to cover it -_-
Bleh, i'm going to go back to trying not to think aboutthe nasty sinking feeling i have in my chest about tomorrows shift now XD I badly want to be switched permenantly to kiosk and photo's, but i doubt they'll let me do that, even though i am the worlds most retarded customer service employee. Aha XD
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I have to hide my piercings which is pretty annoying as I have 3 lip piercings and my septum done but they are easily hid from management. Not had many complaints about my stretched earlobes and the other ear piercings which is ok. I remember when I had bright red hair all over and no-one said anything then recently all got tight but now I have bright red in it but not too much so they havent moaned. What annoys me is the customers dont even care and it aint like one is gonna fall out my face into their shopping. Pfft.
I know! I've got three lip piercings and my nose, i removed two more lip piercings, several ear piercings, a bridge piercings and WAS FORCED to downguage my plugs from 12mm to regular size :( I miss having purple hair so bad. Damn Tesco suXX0r5 *cries* I was told i'm not even allowed to wear retainers in my lip piercings! :o
My ears are at 14mm and I have stretched bcrs in them aswell, I just tell them that if I have to take them out then custimers will see my flabby hole haha. I wear retainers in my lip just whenever a manager comes to speak to me I hide them in my mouth and push them back through when they go away. These rules are well shit. When I had normal noce piercing and had ring in it I got told to take it out but ive noticed this new girl with one and no-one has said owt to her yet. Angered.
Yeah, one of the managers daughters has a nose ring, big earrings, and a lip piercing -_- but she's allowed them!
I had my nose pierced before I started there and in my induction I was told it was fine, then a year later I was told it wasn't. i argued and have managed to get away with it since then.

I was also told off the other day for wearing lipstick, not allowed on checkouts apparently. Another new rule but beyond caring now!
I was originally told to change my nose piercing from a tiny weeny mini little sparkly stud to a gret big plain silver stud 0_o
When i re-joined Tesco i wore the big one and got told to change it to a little one, go figure! Damn tescos XD
I have a butterfly tattoo on my wrist and I also like you work on services, although mainly on kiosk which i fucking despise!!!!!
No manangers have said anything about my tattoo apart from asking if it's real lol. I did have a green stripe in my hair a few weeks ago and was told to take it out and dye it a natural colour. Nore natural than Green? I beg your parden.