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hello, my name is sam, i have been working the checkouts at martlesham for eleven months now, and i just joined because i have a slight dilemma.
i bought tickets for the reading festival in june, and handed in my holiday application at tesco promptly after. it was refused. "too busy". i asked what i was supposed to do, and basically, over the period of many shifts, was told completely different courses of action to take by each manager, which i followed through (writing letters to declare i couldn't be in work, getting shift swaps which then fell through for time differences etc etc), and then was told these incorrect and i infact had to go about things another way. (aka tonnes of time wasting due to the incompetence of the managing staff, thanks) i've now been told that i can get someone to just cover the shifts - a shift swap for the time being, is apparently not needed. i've put a polite note in the overtime folder for everyone yet this has provoked no response, all of my friends at work are unable to cover the shift and the old people are just downright scary, SO:

as i am unable to work the shift (a thursday, 4:30-10:30pm), do i phone in earlier and tell them, give notice, or what? what are the likely repercussions of not working a shift that they have known full well i will not be able to do for many months, will i be fired? i'm not very good with confrontations and i don't really want to lose my job... so i don't know. sorry that i've been a bit rambly it's just really frustrating!! and not going to the festival is not an option haha.

hope you can be of help as no one in my section is!

and also, (sorry) my next shift is contracted straight after i receive my as level results... could be interesting.

thanks for your time :)
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