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Stock Control

This coming monday I start in systems in the store I work in. I have been on checkouts for 2 years now and felt like I needed a change.. Could anyone help me with what exactly this job entales I know I will be doing gapscan and job 14
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In my personal opinion, I use to work on checkouts and then went to stock control and I hated it. Yes there is a bit more social time as you work off shop floor, but the job is still as boring. I had to work on non-food, gap scanning using the Texlon (I think that is how you spell it) then try and find the stock which was impossible in our store. I then had to cage it so the night staff to put in on shop floor.
and there was always a shortage of Texlon's in our store as well.

But you might enjoy it, I just didn't at all!!!!!!

Its a very repetitive job.

You'll be doing counts as well...and a lot of them. the system will tell you what needs counting and you have to find it out back and on the shop floor. Mapping, capacity checks, re-cubing.