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I left Tesco on Friday. The feeling of relief can't be matched, it's amazing. No more hearing the checkout beep in my sleep. No more shitty customers yelling because you don't pack their bags correctly (do it your fucking self, then, my shoulders hurt from heaving your fucking beer). No more insane colleagues.

And true to form, they got it all a bit wrong. I handed in my notice as soon as I was offered my new job, clearly specifying my leaving date as June 22nd. The week before last I had 2 days' holiday to take, and when I came back from that everyone was surprised as they thought I'd already gone. My last shift was 4.30-8.15pm and it was quiet, not much happening. It was approaching 7pm and I enquired about an exit interview, details of my P45 etc... nothing. No-one had got their shit together to organise any of this.

They finally cobbled some shit together by about 7.45pm. As I never got a staff handbook, offer letter or anything when I started, I didn't know about references or anything and they gave me a funny look when I asked.

In short? I am well shot of Tesco. Kept my shirt to use as a duster, left that bloody awful skirt on the locker room floor.
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