Alexandria (apostlealex) wrote in teamtesco,

I'm baaa-aaack....

Well, i'm back here, and back working for Tesco -_-
Some of you may remember (i swear to god everyone in store does) i left tesco at the start of 2005 and strutted off in a bout of smoke and fire. I had been made to remove my (already minimal) piercings, and then, i started to wear a wig to work. No one said anything until one of the people i worked with saw me out of the store, without my wig on, and with pink hair XD Needless to say, i was told i wasn't allowed to wear a wig to work, and i was "forced to resign" for having pink hair. Feeling pretty bitter by this point, as i had already had problems with some of the employees i worked with before the hair thing (yeah, there was some nastyness where i was working, the Cafe, i know OUCH CAFE BLOWS. And Tesco did NOTHING to help.) So, when i watched the evening news and saw how one guy was being bitched at by Stansted Airport for having too much gel in his hair, i called in, and ended up being on TV for being let go for wearing a wig. Ahaaa, it was amusing. There was something on the radio about it too and a shitload of people called in saying it was dumb that i wasn't allowed to have my hair how i liked.
ANYWAY. My point is - i'm back at Tesco. Andthere is this whole "hostile air" towards me since i came back XD The irony of it is, they have shoved me on customer services. Sometimes i get to go on Kiosk, which isn't too bad, but jesus do i hate customer services x_x
Do any other females with tattoos on here have to cover them for work? Because i do! 0_o I have one on my inner forarm, it's not huge, it's not excessive, but i have to cover it -_-
Bleh, i'm going to go back to trying not to think aboutthe nasty sinking feeling i have in my chest about tomorrows shift now XD I badly want to be switched permenantly to kiosk and photo's, but i doubt they'll let me do that, even though i am the worlds most retarded customer service employee. Aha XD
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