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I started working for a tesco store in Northern Ireland in May of this year. In july I applied for a transfer, on the opening date of 24th! I have since heard NOTHING back! I am now getting very worried that when I go to uni next week in Lancaster I will not have a job, and therefore be an even more poor student than first anticipated!

I have tried to call local stores, but people are on holidays and no one seems to care! I had the number for the debut club but I lost the debut website is being fixed, and i cannot get in contact with them at all....

I am so very fustrated with talking to answering machines, and getting no response whatsoever!

My personnal manager says she cannot do any more for me, and that I am to go and camp in a store until I get a job!!!

Has anyone else had problems with debut, or is it just me? Also.....does anyone have the debut club number??

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