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Hey guys/gals,

Im finally leaving Tesco! Woo hoo! I have been with the company 9 years and have worked on every department an held Team leadership for a few years so that is my highest position. The reason I am leaving is basically due to lack of development. I have been offered a job as replenishment manager at world duty free in Heathrow airport. Il be getting twice the money I earn now and it has better prospects for promotion. BAA have a fantastic policy when it comes to managing their staff and thats why I want to work for them. I went to a Tesco graduate assessment centre 2 years ago and failed, only because I had no preparation from my PM. However the feedback that I got from that enabled me to get this new job because in those 2 years ive studied what makes a great manager, doing all the research and applying in my role as a team leader and seen it work. Despite that, my store still didnt allow me to progress so I think its time to move on. BAA ensure the management treat their staff fairly, its one of their policies and their selection criteria is tougher than Tescos. MY Tesco store would be great if the management was led by fair senior management, but in truth they are led by a deputy dick who really should not be in his job. Hes the nasty hitler type who never praises people and unfortunately his attitude is passed down to his section managers. He is the guy who has basically been blocking my promotion as it is up to him to decide whether or not my behaviour is suitable to be sent on to the grad scheme again which i think is rediculous considering his behaviour!!

Its sad to leave the comapny as i really do like working for Tesco, but in order to achieve my ambitions in life i have no choice but to leave. I have fond memories working at my 2 stores and the experience has helped me to gain this new position so i wont be negative about the company.

Just out of curiosity is there anyone else on here that has experienced similar problems that I have endured? Promoion blocking etc? Also, what happens in your exit interview? Are people polite or do they get nasty and tell the management here to stick it?

Thanks in advance
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