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Mitchy Baby

final day

Hey people,

I am now no longer a Tesco employee so this will be my last entry here. I am genuinely sad to leave the company becasue i still believe i wud have made a fantastic manager. My managers were genuinely sorry to see me go. It was the deputy manager and PM that would not allow me to progress. My section manager said to my mum today that i wasnt gonna go anywhere as long as i stayed in that store. My store is one of those that it riddled by nepotism and you only get anywhere if ya face fits. I may still rejoin Tesco in london even try for the graduate scheme again if things dont work out in my new job. I have invaluable 9 years experience on every dept there so i cant see why i cant try again in a london store in the future. My section manager believes i will be back because i have some unfinished business in that i should have been made a manager. Id love to come back as a store manager or area manager because i believe i have what it takes to go far. In my life i have always had the ability to prove people wrong its partly due to my never say die attitude and work ethic. I had my ecit interview with this deputy dick and told him honestly why i was leaving. I said it was because i felt my promotion was blocked. I also told him how he can improve the morale at the store which is rock bottom. Even experienced staff like myself are leaving. I said in friendly terms that u have to be more positive with ya staff, take accountability for the staffs progression. Dont be negative with them, encourage them offer them incentives and never fall back on promises made to them. I have been signed on the options scheme for 2 years without ever going to a workshop so i said you always have to provide staff with light at the end of the tunnel. Its common sense you cant expect the employee to do it all for themsleves they need a leg up along the way.

I am riding into the sunset or technically speaking sunrise as im moving east from swansea to london but like i said in my resignation letter (which BTW was the best one my section manager ever had) i am proud to have worked for the company and will look back at my time there with fond memories. A lot of the managers were shocked when i told them i was a manager for world duty free in heathrow with BAA. Ive almost tripled my salary and gone from a GA to a manager. I think it shocked my PM too cuz she had always held me back. Im glad to get out of that store cuz if i had stayed there i wud have been picking up my pension from it!

Thankyou for all your support etc and i sincerely hope that this does not happen to many more people.

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