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A Tesco Employee Website and Forum

If Tesco touches your life in some way, either as a current or ex-employee, or as a customer, this is the place for you.

Inside you’ll learn about all the different aspects of Tesco, right from head office to warehouse through transport to stores. You can see, share and discuss the problems and solutions with others in exactly the same position..

If you’ve heard a rumour and want to find out if it’s true, this is probably the best place. Just ask, someone somewhere on here will know the truth.

Got a problem, and your unsure how to deal with it, we have staff with years of experience, including H&S and union reps (from all the unions with members in Tesco) only to happy to share their wisdom with you..

Join the ever growing community of VLH and add your voice to ours!

Completely independant of Tesco. We are not on their christmas list LOL.

Come join us. Over 2800 members. Over 10,000 posts in the last two months.

We also have a chatroom and have a natter section - just for fun.
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