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I started working for Tesco thinking this is just a temp job but pays alright. Having done 4 years I am now finally swapping it all for a low paid job farming in Italy.
I am now going to offload 4 years of pain onto you all so if your into moaning feel free to read on:
1. I think the comapany is run by a bunch of monkeys who are just good at spinning PR.
2. They have fucked my wage up for the last time, how hard can it be to look at someone's hours and give them the money they are owed. Once they have paid everyone they owe I bet the annual profit will drop from 4.7billion to 3billion.
3. Stock CONTROL? is that just a coin they flip, heads we send it tails we dont & a dice to get the amount to send.
4. I now hate the general public and would happily sign up to al-quida and kill the lot of them.
5. How few staff do you need to run a store? this is the question not how can we make our store a better shopping experience. Suprised they haven't looked into drugging the staff with performance enhancers to fill the shelves better, surgery to make the staff smile all the time.
6. It would be nice to actually have another answer then "We just have to cope with what we got" once in a while.
7. You know when you go to a packed pub and ask for a pint, when they answer sorry we ran out of glasses you ok with two halfs instead. Are you ok or do you just leave aand go to the pub down the road with more staff.
8. FACE THIS UP YOU TOSSER, this is what I used to think but now say.
9. Health and Safety!!!! Ever tried to do everything by the book for a night I did, lol. Dragged one cage at a time, use the kneeling mat for everything on the bottom shelf and stool for everything on the top. 
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